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Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Treatments, No Recovery Time

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting for Every Body Type
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Laser fat removal in San Antonio is designed for patients looking to reduce the appearance of flanks and abdominal areas, as well as the back, legs, and arms. This fat is oftentimes resistant to traditional weight loss methods, including dieting and exercise. As a result, many patients turn to body contouring to help reduce the appearance of these final layers of fat. Laser fat reduction uses innovative laser technology to deliver concentrated energy to the areas around the abdominals, back, legs, or arms, producing a thinner-looking appearance! Patients can undergo laser fat removal and return to most daily activities within a week, as there is less downtime associated with this procedure when compared to liposuction techniques of the past. Moreover, laser fat removal results are long-lasting, as targeted fat is removed from the body over time and cannot re-enter the system. Call Today for a Free Consultation! 210-429-5169 

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