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Whether the result of aging, smoking, food or wine, teeth stains are all but inevitable for most people. Fortunately, the teeth whitening options available at The San Antonio Body Sculpting Spa  and it can erase stubborn teeth stains and give you the bright, gleaming smile you deserve.

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Our Mission

  • Customized system: We make trays that fit your teeth perfectly. Flexible, thin plastic follows the shape of your teeth allowing the whitening gel to coat all tooth surfaces evenly. This means consistent whitening with less overflow of the gel onto your gums.

  • Controlled gel formulas: We use the highest quality whitening formulas available for safety and consistency: professional strength with careful quality control from known sources. Beware of temperature-sensitive gels stored in uncontrolled environments or made in an unknown setting.

  • Sensitivity management: You may experience temporary sensitivity in your teeth while whitening. We have specific strategies for you to use and will customize the product and method to help you have a comfortable and safe whitening experience.

  • Long-term results: Buying a box of whitening strips every few months adds up. With one set of custom trays, you'll have a system that should fit for years. A simple refill syringe of gel picked up occasionally from our office allows you to keep your smile fresh for years to come. So pick up the phone and set up your appointment to have your teeth looking white and clean 210-429-5169.

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