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Partaking in a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen is a wonderful means of remaining healthy and physically fit, but oftentimes, such efforts are simply not enough to shape the body you desire. Occasionally, problem areas develop that just won't shed weight and can cause features to appear disproportionate. Conversely, patients who have experienced significant weight loss may develop an excess of sagging skin. 

                           SKIN TIGHTENING

The San Antonio Body Sculpting Spa state-of-the-art skin tightening and contouring treatment can achieve firmer, more-youthful skin texture. As your body ages, your skin naturally begins to loose structure and elasticity, contributing to drooping skin or wrinkling. Skin tightening uses radiofrequency technology to firm loose skin and remove small pockets of unwanted fat, improving body contours. Skin tightening targets multiple areas, including the breasts, arms, midsection, thighs, and legs. 


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